No. cat. BN-026


The liquid in the unheated tubes is YELLOW. Sterilization proceeds, the liquid changes colour from yellow through green to RUBY. If, after treatment, the liquid remains yellow or green the materials should be re-sterilized and a fresh tube must be used.

Type of the marking

Process parameters




Inkubation in dry hot air

160ᴼC // 120 min

colour ruby

colour than yellow after green

170ᴼC // 65 min

colour ruby

colour than yellow after green

180ᴼC // 35 min

colour ruby

colour than yellow after green


Place the tube in the centre of the drum or package to be sterilized. Inspect the tube before using the goods as detailed above. Upon completion of the sterilization process to check the unanimity of results visually– (look table).


These tubes must always be stored in cool place, preferably in a refrigerator, but always below 20ᴼC.

Processed tubes may be stored for record purposes in cool, dark conditions, or disposed of glass waste.

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